Since 2006, Destek Publishing and Destek Productions have been creative innovators in moving readers’ hearts by destroying stereotypes and opening doors to new ideas and talent. Destek Publishing has added fresh, magnificent colors to the world of ideas in literature, research and investigation, biography and memoir.

We take our place at the top of the publishing industry by boldly taking risks in the kinds of books we publish. At its core, a book has to nurture our love for the surprising, in pursuit of the unthinkable. Our catalog features titles that are sure to meet anyone’s expectations; indeed, from Nobel prizewinning authors to exciting new voices, we continue to create a whole brand-new readership while satisfying those readers who have already come to know and love our titles.

Our endless excitement rubs off on our authors and readers and continues to fuel our growth. With eternal joy and love for literature, the Destek family reads, discusses, and produces books that inspire the human spirit, encourage dreams, and give people courage. We are a family: our publishing team, our authors, and our readers.



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